Monday, 5 August 2013

Happy Birthday Ma'am! *blushes

To the B'day girl,
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K-A-J-O-L. Every letter of your name spells magic to me.  You are not just any other actor for me. I like how strong-willed and resolute you are about the things you are keen on doing. You are passion personified .You make me feel good about myself. When you are on-screen, I so willingly give you all my attention. I submit to you. My heart, my soul, you rule. When my eyes enjoy the visual treat witnessing you enact varied roles, my mind and heart in unison say it out loud, "This is exactly how I would have said the dialogue had I been in place of her."
You are the sole reason why I THINK and would go on to BELIEVE (rather shamelessly, though) that I can act. I know, if ever I pursue acting in life, you'll be my inspiration for doing every scene, just the way you do, EFFORTLESSLY.
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When people used to compliment me, on sharing somewhat similar resemblance to you , in my young days, my chest used to swell with pride and I blushed uncontrollably. It gives me a feeling that I am being celebrated. My mother keeps taunting me why I don't maintain (inspite of having) a uni-brow like you. And I till date don't know why. Maybe, because I... I don't know... I like it more on you. :)  
 I dream of becoming you! All thanks to you, I have already charted how I would go about my marital life. Just like what you do now. :) 
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If by any fortune, life does bring us face-to-face, I have no clue how I'll react or how I'll manage to arrange for a pen and a piece of paper or how I'll convince you to pose with me for a photograph. Or maybe, just stand in a corner of the room, away from the crowd that would blind you from seeing me, standing there, numb, awe-struck, trying to absorb every little movement that you would do and then coming back home, enclosing myself in my room and enacting things the same way as you did. I think, the later has more possibility of happening.
Watching you film, is my dream. 
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You are G-O-D to me! I bow down to you Ma'am and with my pure and innocent heart I offer you my genuine regards on turning a year older today. Wish you many more happy years ahead. Dying to catch you on screen. Make that happen soon!!!
Lots of love,
Your genuine-est admirer ever! 
(P.S. This blog post has turned out to be my first ever love letter!!! GLEEEEE!!! ^_^ )
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