Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The aahs and oohs of Humpty Sharma’s Dulhaniya

This took me a really long time, like opening a word document and typing in what you are seemingly reading right now. Why? I don’t know. Writing demands a lot of effort from within me. I had this strand of thought in my head since like I can remember but the journey from transforming that thought into a proper readable article is the prime challenge here.

By the way, saw a movie last weekend with friends, precisely long lost school friends. Felt revived. You know, when you have good company, like people you won't mind forgetting the world for, the venue of the outing or what you do at the outing doesn't really matters. And if it’s a movie outing of a seemingly pathetic film, you end up making a much better one with friends laughing and spilling some weird imaginative situations to make times memorable. Having a kickass, comfortable company is all you need to fight the monstrous problems in this world. You must have known this by now.

Fortunately, unlike the last outing(R...Rajkumar), this one turned out to be superrr! We went to meet some random Humpty Sharma’s Dulhaniya. Starring good friends Varun dhawan(Humpty Sharma) and Alia Bhatt(of course, the Dulhaniya) in lead roles, the movie was a good time pass. When I say that it strictly means for the ones who are admirers of love stories and go weak in their knees when their Raj-Rahul cross saat samundars to get to their Simran-Anjali. Also, not to forget, for the ones who cry everytime they watch DDLJ where Simran pleads to her father to let her go away with Raj. Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya is almost on the same lines. By almost I mean the cake recipe is the same but for the icing. This story is set in modern times, the times of Facebook and NRI grooms, where drinking daru-sharu by a young girl is not considered ‘wrong’.

The record is set straight: Log perfect nahi hote hain, rishtey perfect hote hain (Rough translation: People are not perfect,relationships should be perfect). To make a love story on the ddlj lines, you must and MUST have the following in your story (even if you can arrange an ounce of it, that would be fine!) :
1) Punjabi setting and family with all the veerjis,daijis,paajis,baujis : check
2)A Protective male member in the family preferably a brother or father: check
3)A handsome gabru jawan munda ready to fight with or get beaten up by your family for your love: check
4)Another angle to make a triangle of your love story in the form of the family’s preferred choice: check

Posters of HSKD and DDLJ. Image Courtesy: Internet

All set? Here you go!!! Relish this exciting build up of situations where your love will overcome all on obstacles to prove to your family that he is the one. The one made for you, the one who is made for you. Ohh, by the way, HSKD is a tribute to the love story classics of the hindi cinema: DDLJ and K2H2.
I really liked the sequence which comes during the song Samjhawan (my favourite from the movie), wherein kavya goes to meet humpty and he shows her his wounds. That scene really makes me smile. 

A still from the song, Samjhawan. Image Courtesy: Internet

You know the best part? You'll get to see Varun crying a lot in this one. Like more than Alia has cried in the whole of the film. I mean, that’s so against the Bollywood notion: mard ko dar nahi hota.  Mard ko dard hota hai yaar! And it’s ok for boys to cry when they are losing out on something so dear to them.

What disappointed me was the climax. I really appreciate the way Shashank Khaitan, the director of the movie has dealt with the story, old wine in a brand new attractive bottle, to be precise. But, the climax was not what i had expected. It was too sudden and the NRI munda’s exit looked so unplanned, as if he didn't know what to do with him so he quietly asked him to leave from the back door. LOL.
Anyways, the movie is a good one time watch and alia’s character will rub off you and you would come out of the theatre demanding for a designer lehenga which Kareena Kapoor had worn at some random point of her life. The music is catchy, especially Saturday,Saturday.

A still from the song, Saturday Saturday. Image Courtesy: Internet

Wondering, why i have named this article, The aahs and oohs of Humpty Sharma’s Dulhaniya?? So, the story goes that the morning of one of those days when i was contemplating to write something on this movie, while i was brushing my teeth, my brain bells struck a crescendo and the article heading just came out from nowhere. So random na? Exactly, much like this article.

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