Saturday, 8 September 2012

I, Me, Myself..:))

Maybe cinema is all she knows. Maybe cinema is all she breathes. Maybe cinema is all she eats. Maybe cinema is all what her heart, mind and soul speaks.

She has no connections with the hot-shots of page3 parties nor has she received cinema through her genes. She is what she is: A normal (by birth, but abnormal by choice :P) teenaged girl who goes weak in her knees (or blushes for that matter ;) )when her crush smiles at her when passing by . But, when and how did cinema become such an integral part of her life is a question whose answer even she doesn’t knows!

Well, don’t stress too much on your little brains, the 'she', 'she', 'she' in the last two paragraphs is no one else but ME (yay!!) who runs this entertainment blog, Parde Ke Peeche as a hobby for the past 3 months. And by the word ”hobby” I mean, as and when I am free (which is very rare :/) or want some solace, I take to blogging and distribute filmy 'gyaan', focusing solely on hindi cinema.

I assume you guys, are a lot into western music and cinema, and must be wondering as to why only hindi cinema 'gyaan' on the blog. Well, I was never inclined towards weatern cinema. Dunno why…but that never interested me….as simple as that!

To tell you more about Parde Ke Peeche , well, I can’t exactly tell you what all things you should expect from it, but I can definitely tell you what all NOT  to expect! Film  reviews, music reviews, fashion trends, who-hit-whom-in which party, who-is-going out-with whom, which lipstick Sonam wore for her friend’s wedding, and all those kinda shitty gossip is exactly what you’ll not find here. And that is certainly the reason why Parde Ke Peeche is different from other entertainment blogs.

Through this journey of interacting with you guys, taking in all your criticism, suggestions and whatever you wish to give in, it will be my sincere efforts to keep you posted on the-never-heard-before stories ,in other words, the 'Parde Ke Peeche' incidents which most likely and hopefully you won’t find on your weekly glossy entertainment magazines.

Parde ke peeche, in its own way, would also celebrate the completion of 100 years of Indian cinema! CHEERS! ENJOY! and HAPPY READING

P.S. Any suggestions for future posts? Feel free to send in your suggestions and requests here or on my e-mail id: Hope to hear from you soon :)

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