Monday, 28 December 2015

Every film has its own destiny

When a film repeatedly flashes a disclaimer, both at the start and end of the movie, you better take it seriously. Ace director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s long awaited magnum opus, Bajirao Mastani, pleads you to do just that.
With the recent controversy surrounding the movie prior to its release, this was unavoidable. The disclaimer states that the film is based on a Marathi book ‘Raau’ and asks for cinematic leverage in order to suit cinematic sensibilities and make the saga entertaining for the masses. Isn’t the message loud and clear? Why the hue and cry?
I'm no historian who would dismiss this film based on whether it does validated portrayal of historical events or not. You need not be an expert in history to appreciate a film like this. I wish to enjoy the movie with the same intentions with which it was made: that is to entertain. To put a tag to the film, be it fiction, semi fiction (whatever), or nonfiction is up to the makers. Allow me to enjoy with a mouthful of popcorn and piping hot chocolate.

A still from the movie. Photo Courtesy: Internet
This periodic drama brings to the silver screen the eternal love story of Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao and his second wife, Mastani. Deepika in the character of Mastani is heavenly beautiful to say the least. She dances like a dream; takes on the enemy head one in a sword fight, and loves Bajirao unconditionally.
More than being awed by the two warrior’s passionate love for each other, what lured me away was the heartbroken Kashibai. Priyanka has given a career defining performance as Bajirao’s first wife Kashibai. I could feel for her as she asks her husband to never enter the room again while she unsuccessfully tries to hide her tears by blowing away the diyas. Add to that a couple of powerful dialogue delivery and Ms. Chopra, you have ended the year with a bang!

A still from the movie. Photo Courtesy: Internet
Tanvi Azmi, in the role of Bajirao’s mother, makes the strong personality of her character evident in this whirlwind romance. I feel grateful to Bhansali for making Shreya Ghoshal croon the songs, Pinga and Deewani Mastani. She is as delightful to the ears as Deepika is to the eyes when she dances to them.
The one person, without whom this movie would have fallen flat on its face, is the protagonist of the film all the way! Ranveer as Bajirao is possibly the best actor on earth (yes, I mean it) to make this character alive on the silver screen. There is no one thing you would want him to do differently. Every dialogue, every look, the Marathi accent, his energy, everything; he is sure to drill himself into your minds and hearts.  The sincerity with which he successfully gives an effortless performance is sure to make him a lambi race ka ghoda. As Imtiaz Ali has given Ranbir his career best performances (read Rockstar and Tamashaa), similarly, Bhansali has effortlessly extracted the best from Ranveer in ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani. Awards or no awards, Ranveer, a big salute mahhnn! I wish to act like you someday! 

A still from the movie. Photo Courtesy: Internet

I could never in my wildest dreams imagine Sallu Bhai portraying the warrior with as much ease as Singh has done (sorry, sallu bhai die-hard fans). He sure would have been a misfit. As I rightly said before, every film has its own destiny!
Who cares to believe whether the real Bajirao ever danced or not when you have Ranveer grooving like mad to a madder song. Loved him in this one and the song too. 


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